Apex Planning company deems in conveying reliable land and housing solutions across the country. We are constantly anticipating the growing needs of Tanzanians to have fully owned “Title Deeds”. This concept help us in delivering best fit, quality, reliable and serviceability of today’s land and housing solutions to local citizens and foreigners.

We focus on potential growth of land upgrading and acquisition which likely will help to accelerate essential economic development across the country by  closely working with Ministry of Land, Housing and Human Settlement Development to achieve and meet Tanzania Government’ s goals and, hence boosting country’s economic activities.

The Firm was incorporated in May, 2019 under the companies Act of 2002 with registration number 139138627 issued by Business Registrations and Licensing Agency (BRELA).


To be among the best contributors of Tanzania Economic Developments by providing reliable land and Housing Solutions

Who We Are

Apex Planning is a professional firm specializing in all areas of Community Planning, Urban Design, and Economic Development. Our professional staff provides a collaboration of disciplines and is committed to developing creative solutions that ensure compatibility between the existing, new, built, and natural environments.

What We Do

Apex Planning strengthens communities through creative, dynamic, and viable approaches to planning, design, and development. From revitalizing down towns to creating context sensitive zoning regulations, Apex Planning provides the expertise necessary to improve the relationship be-tween people and their environment.


To create a firm with energy and vitality that is driven to provide land and housing services to local and foreign citizens